7 sinais de um derrame que você pode estar ignorando

O AVC é a quinta principal causa de morte em todo o país. Os danos cerebrais causados ​​por acidentes vasculares cerebrais podem ser minimizados se forem tratados imediatamente, mas é comum confundir sinais de acidente vascular cerebral com outros problemas de saúde, o que atrasa o tratamento.

Nunca ignore esses sinais de derrame

o que fazer se o bebê estiver sufocando

In each minute of a stroke, your brain loses an estimated 1.9 million cells. Each hour a stroke goes untreated ages your brain the equivalent of three and a half years. The longer a stroke lasts or a patient doesn’t receive treatment, the greater the chance of lingering speech difficulties, memory loss, or behavioral changes. The earlier a stroke is caught, the better the treatment options, which can minimize damage and improve the odds of a fuller recovery. Stroke is scary. Denial is the biggest factor in delaying treatment. When I ask stroke patients in the ER why they waited to call 911, the most common response is that they wanted to see if it would go away